ABSTRACT BRITAIN: HEPWORTH TO HODGKIN │ Higgins, Bedford → 27 September 2015

an amazing treasure trove of video interviews with British abstract artists, thank you so much ASHORTSPELL.com I very rarely reblog but this is too wonderful to miss

a śort spel


Gillian Ayres, Robyn Denny, Barbara Hepworth, Howard HodgkinPeter LanyonBen Nicholson, Victor Pasmore, Bridget Riley, William Scott

“In Britn, Abstraẋn wz nvr a sngl muvmnt, bt a dazlñ vrayti v stîlz bî ātists hu yzd nonfiğṛtv rpṛzentešn fr vri dfṛnt rīznz”

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4 thoughts on “ABSTRACT BRITAIN: HEPWORTH TO HODGKIN │ Higgins, Bedford → 27 September 2015

    • wow, lucky you, sometimes I hanker to be in an area with a greater artistic population, Cornwall, London, New York or wherever, but then I would lose my muse, the rugged wild beauty here. The artistic isolation (relative of course but true) takes its toll but has many compensations

      • the studio is just wonderful, warm, dry(mostly), spacious, inviting, user friendly, messy, full to bursting with new work, light, always ready and welcoming, quiet, resonant, peaceful, womblike, tardislike, accomodating, comforting……I am so lucky 🙂

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