oil and cold wax on panel

This is my new passion
Oil and cold wax medium (beeswax and solvent)
Applied with a roller and palette knife
On beautifully crafted cradled wooden panels










18 thoughts on “oil and cold wax on panel

    • Thank you very much. All these are from a couple of years ago now. The strongly shaped red/blue ones have gone now (donated to a charity), the big yellow/violet curve and the wavy yellow /violet were inspired by the Grand Canal in Venice and I exibited them last Autumn in my 50 piece solo show at An Grianan in Letterkenny. I sold one of the greenish blue pair at the bottom. The green and yellow one at the top is in my kitchen!
      I made them all when I was in my early months of using cold wax medium. I should really update this section with some more recent work! If you’re ever near here (North West Donegal, Ireland) you’d be very welcome to come and visit and see some ofy works in the flesh!

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  2. Hi Liz, thank you so much for opening your doors to me and Eugene this week. It was amazing seeing your artwork and your beautiful living space. I really liked your work and am intrigue by your technique of layering and scraping off surfaces. Good luck with everything.

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