My ‘poured’ paintings to go to Florida gallery!

So excited to be able to share that the 9 ‘poured’ paintings that I made in the last few days have ALL been requested by Mark Borghi Fine Art for his Palm Beach gallery in Florida


colour and boundaries

I’m having some fun with process, using old unsuccessful painted canvasses to re-work, amend or completely paint over

These 2 canvases, each 80cm sq, were initially very different abstract paintings, but both had quite a lot of structure and quite large areas with earth and ochre colours. I have kept some of the initial areas but built up additional structures and much more detail

Here are the two separately:

And here is another, larger canvas. This one is 80 x 120cm and has much more tentative amendments – might not be quite finished yet

3 of the 6 day 2




These 3 small works on watercolour paper c. 9 x 12″ are the more successful of the 6 I started yesterday.
This morning I rolled them first. Then scratched some fresh marks and printed over a new layer of paler blue using greaseproof paper. Then a scrape smooth again with a squeegee and a few marks with a knife to suggest the birds