This is the Atlantic! Well just the small tidal strip between Cruit Island and Kincasslagh (County Donegal)
A very brief walk down by the shore with the dogs yesterday before getting caught in a horizontal hail storm
Unusually high tide up into the fenced field down by the shore (if you can’t get through it you have to go round it!) Always thankful for my waterproof boots (wellies), good coat, hat and gloves in Donegal !

Happy New Year 🕉


These are ‘breastworks’ (uprights along the sea wall) and ‘groynes’ (at right angles )

This is a a new (first draft) poem:

‘Perpendicular ‘

For forty years the sea defences have protected

the front. At Borth and Ynyslas.

The old familiar way was shoring up

with strong timber upright breastworks

and jutting joists and great beamed groynes.

Bleached now by summer’s gold.

Old oak silvered and smoothed to salty sinews

Gravel and grit erosion pebble dashing

the frontages. Wrack draped and clasped

in rust. Scarred and scarified

by four decades force. Bearing up

against lifelong accretion. Pileup

of crashing drift and tide.

Perpendicular props. Familial forces

trying vainly to combine their strength

against dying under life’s attack.

Cold stone proposed along this ancient front

now sinking against an unquiet sea.

Forces of opposition with steely knives

and cranes and engineering.

Of a concrete will. Defying the tide like Canute.

Tempting Fate. Or perhaps too late

black cow





2 works on paper


3 small works on canvas



adding contrasting layers


black cow on canvas 80cm sq


black cow 6it *sigh*)cm sq (undercoating was similar, not shown)


2 finished pieces, black cow 1& 2


undercoating 3 canvases 80cm sq (& 1 canvas 60cm sq, not shown) nb. this pic should NOT be at the bottom, but I cant move it *sigh*




Why on earth would I attempt to paint landscapes when you can get photos like these?
Admittedly the saturation is high and the pixels are visible
This sort of thing is a rich source for abstraction, combined with the sharp hail on my nose and my wet feet from the incoming tide


And Junos disappointment at the orange fishing float not being a ball (too hard too heavy) is just icing on the cake
Its February tomorrow, Spring will soon be here
Keep warm, be safe 🙂