the doorway gallery, dublin

A small work on paper, glazed and framed

A warm, large, (80cm sq)autumn inspired piece on cradled birch panel

An even larger, (100 cm sq), framed piece on canvas, ‘Rock in the Sea’

Wintery, but warm, framed 80cm sq piece on canvas

A bold, framed, pink, red and blue abstract on board, ‘ Deeper yet and darker still’60cm sq

‘Skylight’, 90cm sq, framed oil on board





Why on earth would I attempt to paint landscapes when you can get photos like these?
Admittedly the saturation is high and the pixels are visible
This sort of thing is a rich source for abstraction, combined with the sharp hail on my nose and my wet feet from the incoming tide


And Junos disappointment at the orange fishing float not being a ball (too hard too heavy) is just icing on the cake
Its February tomorrow, Spring will soon be here
Keep warm, be safe 🙂