solo show letterkenny donegal

solo show letterkenny donegal 2010


an early show at home in wales

an early show at home in wales 2005?

solo show this year

solo show this year

this is the time of year for writing submissions to galleries for shows for next year

thought you might like to see a few snapshots of previous shows





raw frustration

raw frustration 2 raw frustration 1 raw frustration 3

3 rough-edged pieces of raw unprimed canvas

mounted and painted on commercial canvas

then removed from the mounts

swirls and shapes and angry colours

painted with ferocious energy

now hang limply over a rail

what next?

each piece is about 70cm squarish, originally mounted on 80cm sq canvas

I could re stretch and remount

I could paint over them

I could burn them

any thoughts?