sketchbook pages on my bedroom wall

Its my last few days here in Wales for a while, I’m heading back home to Ireland on Tuesday, having been away for two months

While I’ve been away from my studio I’ve been making acrylic sketches on paper. 

Today I added a final layer of oil and cold wax medium to the sketches, using just two oil colours, violet and yellow

Then I stuck them up on my bedroom wall with gum strip ,(that sticky backed brown paper that is used for stretching drawing paper)

I also had a great time browsing through some of Richard Diebenkorn’s sketchbooks in the wonderful accessible digital archive from Stanford



That’s nearly all my yellow gone already!

Progress in my studio today on another large piece, 100x160cm


The Six

6 ‘paint overs’

5 @ 80cm sq (plus painted onto frames on 2)

1 @ 60cm sq

All in same palette in 2 hour session 12.8.2016


High Line 

High Line series diptych 80 x 160cm

The last 2 diptych 160 x 80cm

I take the subway or the High Line #1

120cm sq

I take the subway or the High Line #2

120cm sq


Cross currents continued

Crosscurrents so far includes 3 paintings

#1 80cm sq on canvas

#2a  80 x 110cm  on birch panel

#2b  110 x 80cm on birch panel


fences or maybe hurdles



Numbers 7 & 8 in my ‘fence ‘ series
Each canvas 80cm /31.5 “