A Poem By Huib Fens

(from my painting  residency at Stiwdio Maelor in Wales, when Huib Fens was on a writers residency)


Liz and Malachy
She has retreated in Wales
under rafters, stretching
canvasses on frames,
boiling emulsions of
oils and waxes.
She smears and brushes until
land appears, still unknown
and undiscovered and keeps
on working it until it
liberates itself from her.
Two islands to the west,
in the harsh mist the ocean
is sending up the surf,
he is cutting turf in
long and muddy strokes
he will pile up with his
bare hands to hand-
knotted stacks while
groundwater runs into
the newly cut furrows.
Huib Fens, 2016/17


creative collective for refugee relief

2 artists have started an art sale and auction on facebook to raise funds to buy blankets and warm clothes for refugees in Syria and Calais


It is a simple and successful process
Read the ‘about’ section on their page if you want to find out how it works
You can donate artworks and/or buy artworks
I have donated 9 pieces of work for sale through their page so far
These 4 are still available





Art in Prison: “I cannot imagine how I would have coped without my art.”

a stark reminder to me of the freedom I have to paint in the light, thanks


Julio Cesar Osorio completed a degree in photography and digital imaging in 2000, but it was at age 42, whilst serving a two and a half year prison sentence, that he began to paint.  Art became a means of coping with prison life and Julio now promotes the positive effects of art alongside others he has met via the Educational Prison Alumni Trust, inspiring other prisoners to follow the same path.  You can see from this series of collaborative articles what a creative and resourceful individual Julio is, and also how, despite limited, cramped circumstances, a dedicated, resilient person can find a means to creating great art.

Originally Julio and I intended to collaborate on a single article, but I find his words so compelling that I was reluctant to edit them down, so the story will instead be told in a series of fragments. Here, we focus on light.

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