studio corner 

The two large pieces (each about 3’x5′) stapled to the walls in my studio are both done now


two today

Two paintings today, both with underpainting in bright red and orange, but surface colours mostly blues

This one is my regular size, 80 cm sq

Title :’All manner of things I’ll never understand’

This is a big one, 160cm x 220 cm, unstretched canvas, stapled to the studio wall. ‘Is there anyone there?’

Cross currents

80cm sq

Was pondering on Yves Klein(though this isn’t ‘his’ blue)

Was seeing the green blot on Degas’s monotype in the New York MOMA show which seems to be seared on my retina

Was messing about with a ‘paint over’ of an old canvas

Was pondering more on how Franz Kline had the confidence to make such enormous sweeping marks

And then this morning there was a debate on Instagram about whether we should disregard other artists’ work for fear of replicating – or ‘chew them up’ and spit them out

I’m all for the chewing idea



having fun with some little original oil and wax paintings on paper
they are all mounted, signed, wrapped individually in cellophane
ready to frame, send to a friend or whatever you like
11cm sq cards or 11 x 15cm flat
£25, €25  or $30 each including postage
send me a message on facebook or email to stating red or blue