Rondelles (Abstract)

this post by said simply was my inspiration for my new post and category : 5minute doodles, thank you!

Simple Thoughts About Life & Stuff


This one came together in my thoughts and then I sketched it out.  Wasn’t sure what to do with it and then the idea of a series of colors that became a noticeable pattern came to mind.  I love these cute little round guys.  Not sure why, I just find them appealing.  I think they look like the little balls on an abacus.  My girlfriend, to whom I owe the name of the painting, says they remind her of Fruit Loops (super sugary Kellogg’s breakfast cereal here in the U.S.).  I forgot all about Fruit Loops.  Loved them as a kid.  Especially loved how they turned my bowl of milk into a sugary nectar!  Hope everyone’s holidays have been wonderful!  Create all the way into the New Year and beyond!

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