9 thoughts on “ritual and prayer

  1. Liz, I love the texture of these paintings and the use of color. The streak of red prominently displayed in the middle really sets the tone. Is that material that you’ve incorporated into the painting with some kind of print on it. I love the way it shows through and the frayed ends are an excellent addition to the ethos of the painting.

    • thanks, the pieces of material are torn fragments of actual prayer flags that I brought home from Nepal. The red is powder pigment and symbolises(to me anyway), both the tikkas ( blessing marks put on your forehead by Saddhus, holy men) and also the blood of ritual sacrifice.

      • thanks again, I brought home 4 full strings of flags, probably 50 flags per string, and they we’re strung from the top of our Christmas tree out to the walls and windows, perhaps a bit like a star! I also brought home torn shreds and fragments of flags that had been torn loose from their strings by the wind, effectively litter. I think prayer flags will be a feature of my work for some time

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