ready or not



finished these 2 last night
can’t decide whether or not to show them in Belfast
exhibition is 2 weeks today
3rd – 23rd April at The Mill Conway Street Belfast
only just enough time to get them framed

10 thoughts on “ready or not

    • oh, wow, thanks very much, it is really so very hard for me to know sometimes, and of course it’s all a matter of individual taste, but these are more landscape, more figurative, less abstract than my usual work, and I feel unskilled and miniscule when faced with trying to capture the awesome magnitude of these mountains. I am no longer surprised that some Nepalis and Tibetans believe these mountains to be divine.

    • thanks so much for your comment, must say I never consciously consider the golden ratio, although it comes naturally with a sense of balance I suppose! these 2 paintings ( both of which I took to be framed this afternoon, incidentally, we shall see how they turn out), I sort of expect to be top heavy, because that’s how I felt up above Kathmandu, the mountains we’re sooooo huge, floating above the world somehow

    • Thanks very much Suzan. They got shown in my Belfast exhibition at Easter 2014 – but sadly almost no-one saw the show which was on the 5th floor with a broken lift. They found new happy homes with my daughters šŸ™‚

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