8 thoughts on “which way up

      • If the dark shape is to the left, you can easily view the painting as a landscape. But other orientations look interesting as well (also dark shape to the top or to the right). The views that offer an easy interpretation as something familiar, however, may be a bit boring, if you put the dark side up, it gets an interesting tension. One thought that I had then was “space station in front of earth”. So the mind is trying to make sense and if that is difficult or impossible, if feels interesting.
        I really can’t say what I prefer. Puting the sides horizontal and vertical is also just a convention. Try putting one of the edges up. People might perceive that as “wrong” 🙂
        If you always see a painting the same way, it will fade into the background of the familiar environment, so changing it from time to time might also be a good idea.

      • Wow, thanks Nannus. I suppose I tend to try and make viewing my work easier rather than more difficult. But I definitely like the idea of added tension and interest. The very concept of a painting being abstract can be very challenging. Andican see that many, perhaps most people seek for something familiar and recognizable in abstract works, which is probably why the theme of ‘ abstract landscape’ is so popular. A couple of my best customers, collectors perhaps, have even said as much. That my paintings that they most like are those that they can find a reference to reality in. it is the constant battle, to paint what sells, or to paint more difficult, challenging works

      • If you have to put bread on the table by selling your works, you have to adapt to your customers, but mayby you should do so only to some degree or else your mix of customers will change and then you would have to reduce quality (and eventually price per item). But it is definitely difficult. I am not an artist, I can only imagine.
        Miles Davis once said something like (I am paraphrasing, since I don’t have the exact citation at hand): “I am not on stage to entertain my audience, but to educate it”.
        Personally I like the very non-representational things (see my article “Before Words” and some other stuff I have written on aesthetics if you are interested).

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