wax works in progress






Gamblin wax from T Lawrence including a free sample of ‘Torrit Grey’ oil paint that has been made from pigment collected from the air vents all in celebration of ‘Earth Day’. Amazing!
I’m enjoying building the layers, then scratching and scraping through and back. Off out again now, more later

2 thoughts on “wax works in progress

  1. Excellent! I got some Torrit Grey one year when I was working at Utrecht and I love the concept. Unfortunately I didn’t get to use it much before I stopped using oils and gave them to a friend. Love your background image, by the way!

    • thanks Chris, the background ( if you mean the bits round the edge of every post, I haven’t a clue technically!) are from my ‘Donegal light’paintings, which have their own page. I am so enjoying wax and oil on panels, when I get time and focus I must make some new pages as the page part of my blog, and the ‘on my easel’section is all very out of date

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