6 new works with wax



where from and where to now

2 panels 40 x 60 cm



straits and absorbing

2 panels 40 cm square



4 leaves and territories

2 panels 50cm square

Liz Doyle is building a new collection of abstract works in oils and cold wax medium on wooden panels

The panels are the highest quality from Milliken Bros

The wax is Gamblin wax from T Lawrence in the UK imported from USA

The oils are best quality with proven lightfastness, mostly from Gerstaeker in Germany

Liz also uses Sennelier oilbars

Liz is working on themes to do with land, territory, migration, erosion and the environment. The layers of wax and oil are built up with a roller and palette knife. The layers are drawn on  and scraped through with a knife revealing hidden colours and adding texture. The wiggly lines evoke ancient migration routes and territorial boundary changes. Liz’s inspiration comes from her passion for her rugged home landscape in Donegal, Ireland and her extensive travels, most recently in the Himalayas in Nepal, in Italy and Portugal.

Liz Doyle is looking for galleries in Ireland, and any city galleries in Europe or USA who would like to be the first to show these new works

Please contact her in the first instance through this blog or by email on liz-doyle@live.com

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