back to canvas




Back in the studio briefly, had to lay down some colour
Working on two canvases 80cm square
Started with oil bar, then a very liquid oil mixed in a jar with Malmittel quick drying medium
Used a roller to spread about, turning the canvas round frequently
Will work on them again when tacky still, maybe later today or tomorrow

13 thoughts on “back to canvas

      • thanks Nannus, you are probably right, it’s a brand name and there are lots of different types in the range. I also use a Malmittel safflower oil instead of linseed oil sometimes

      • Thank you. For a science-inclinde layperson like me, the technical aspect of art is always also interesting even if I am not active in it myself. If one only sees the end result, it is only half of the story.

  1. you are right, It is a German brand. It is a siccative liquid, a quick drying medium added to oil paint to speed up the drying time. I also sometimes use another brand for the same purpose, Lukas Medium 3. I don’t know what the chemical make up is. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. Blue and yellow – the colours of the International Maritime Signal Flag (phonetic name ‘Kilo’), indicating to other vessels ‘I wish to communicate with you’. Still, we’ll see what remains once the cabbage has boiled. Good luck with these Liz – exciting! HB.

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