recent favourites

seeding  oil and wax 80cm sq canvas

oil and wax
80cm sq canvas

storm oil and wax 50cm sq panel

oil and wax
50cm sq panel

untitled oil and wax on paper

oil and wax on paper

where from and where to now oil and wax on panels 40 x 60 cm

where from and where to now
oil and wax on panels 40 x 60 cm

oil and wax on panel 50cm sq

oil and wax on panel 50cm sq

evening sky oil and wax on panels 40cm sq

evening sky
oil and wax on panels 40cm sq

my studio

my studio

I@m away for a week in Portugal. Sun sun sun sun 🙂
So here are some recent favourites to keep you all happy
see you next week 🙂

6 thoughts on “recent favourites

  1. Hi Liz!

    Oh my god I LOVE your studio! I’ve never been to Donegal.. Isn’t that shameful! I live in Clare. Almost made it up recently but weather set our sail south instead.

    Your paintings are beautiful. I love the effect you created on the Portugal three. What is that? The effect around the borders of the painting?

    Another question. You paint on panels… I’m new to all this and it’s a very basic question, but what do you mean by panels? I’m looking for boards to paint on (I think that’s the American name for what could be panels here) which explains why I haven’t been able to find them. I sound totally green, but if you don’t ask you won’t know 🙂

    Thank you for liking my post… I’m glad you did because I haven’t many artists to follow. Your like led me to you! Now I’m following 🙂 look forward to seeing more.

    Amanda ❤

    • hi Amanda
      thanks, great to hear from you
      The panels I use are made by Milliken Bros. in Northern Ireland, you can probably find their website
      Basically they are each made from a piece of plywood mounted on a frame, rather like the stretchers of a canvas. This is also called a cradled panel. They are very smooth and perfect for my new work with cold wax medium which I mix with oils and apply with a roller and palette knives. The panels are primed first with 2 or 3 coats of gesso, sometimes sanded smooth between each coat.
      You can also get panels( of course of varying quality ) from other suppliers e.g. GreatArt
      good to be in touch
      you could follow or like my facebook page too if you want, you’ll find a link to it in the right sidebar of my blog page
      take care, Liz
      oh, not sure what effect you mean on the Portugal sketches, but I used tape to mask off the edges, which made a few rough edges when I lifted it off, which was unintentional, but I quite liked it!I also used a sponge roller with white acrylic in the top layer, and a graphite stick to make the black lines, hope that helps

      • Liz thank you.. You have no idea how helpful that info is about the panels. You resolved a fruitless search for me.

        Yes that’s exactly the effect I was asking about in your Portugal sketches. It looks great, really enhances the paintings.. I love a bit if rough around the edges… A bit like meself 🙂 I’ll certainly find you on FB. Thank you so much again! Amanda xx

      • Hi Liz… I found the Milliken Bros Website.. Are the panels suitable for hanging as they are without having to frame them? I wonder would they make them ‘ready to hang’ for me so that I would just have to paint and they’d be ready to go then? I know I can call them to find out but It’s Sunday 🙂 I’m impatient like that..Lol

  2. I haven’t worked out a hanging system for them yet, but the joy is their flatness against the wall while working them, and for me that I can turn them round. They hang fine just on a nail. But I guess any good gallery would fix them with mirror plates

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