RUA submission




3 works submitted to Royal Ulster Academy

storm approaching
evening light donegal

all 3 oil and cold wax medium on cradled wooden panels

panels made by Milliken Bros

10 thoughts on “RUA submission

  1. Surely any or all three of these works deserve their place at the annual exhibition – they are sublime. Many congratulations on accomplishing such fabulous work.

    • wow, thanks very much Hariod!You have far more confidence in my work than I have. Perhaps because my submissions were rejected by my local gallery, the Glebe this year for the first tines in 6 years (different works), I am not expecting any to be accepted by the RUA. But there’s certainly no harm in trying. Also, it would be a great opportunity for exposure as the show runs through the Autumn up until end of January next year I think! Whereas the Glebe show only runs for 10 days at Easter!

      • Well Liz, these decisions can be so fickle at the leading point of quality (where you are). It can come down to what side of the bed someone got out of; or whether their nose is itchy when they look . . .

        Yes, I checked out the 133rd. exhibition previously – fingers crossed for you.

  2. Great pieces, that technique just suit your work (i think). Didnt get anything accepted in Glebe either…Check out submissions for (deadline 14th july) xx

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