6 thoughts on “laguna

      • Hi Liz,

        I have put nine of your works onto the paintings carousel on my blog. [ http://www.contentedness.net ] Some of them were untitled, but if you now have titles and would like me to include them, then please let me know.

        If you have any well-cropped, glare-free images that you think might work with my text posts then please feel free to let me know at any time Liz.

        My next post will feature two of your pieces [none by other painters] and I will send you a link to check that you’re happy. This should be within the next week.

        Things seem to be going well with the blog so far [4 months in / 7k hits]. Clarissa Galliano’s work has generated lots of positive feedback and she is very pleased.


      • hi Hariod
        I have posted some titles in the comments, my screen was playing up though, so you might have several!Sorry. Thanks again, so much. I will send some new images soonish 🙂

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