13 thoughts on “thinking some more about red

  1. Orangey red. Nice!

    H. ❀

    P.S. It was very nice of you to thank those who remarked about your work at my place Liz. I think you missed Ellen Stockdale-Wolf but she won't have noticed. People have so far been very appreciative of the abstract works I've displayed in my posts, so I think it's worthwhile exposure. I need to sort out some further images of yours from the past month or two if that's okay. Anything that is well-cropped (square/no frame), glare-free and high-res will work for me – I'll take a peek Liz if I may, but if you had any suggestions. . .

    • Thanks, definitely curve and the recent yellow and purple abstractions since Venice. I sent you a couple of links in response to an earlier comment of yours. When my brain is more awake (coffee!) I will send you a link or two. πŸ™‚

      • Brilliant Liz. I am particularly interested in works that show well together. In my last post I had to use one of your images twice – got away with it though! πŸ™‚ I was going to use the ‘Donegal Light’ series but the image sizes didn’t work against the paragraph sizes.

        H. ❀

        P.S. Can't make sense of your sentence 2. Double-espresso please!

      • hi again Hariod, I am having trouble sending you links to photos of paintings that have already been on my blog, I think it would be much easier if I could email some square cropped images straight from my photo gallery. If possible please could you send me an email address, if you dont want to post it here you coyld email me to liz-doyle@live.com

      • Liz – you can see an email address in your dashboard. Just look at this or another comment of mine and you will see it there.

        In the link you just sent, there’s the diptych I called ‘whoosh’ before which is the bluish circle on the yellow background. This could be a regular at my place but could you crop the edge a wee bit to lose the background (prominent on R.H. side)? I have no image cropping tools I’m afraid.

    • Thank you for all your help Liz. I have just finished sorting out the 13 images with, in some instances, the tiniest, weeniest, imperceptible-est croppings; and have titled in accord with your suggestions. I will load them onto my site shortly and look forward to assigning them to future posts – I will always send you a short link so you can see what’s happening. Please feel free to email me any new images that you feel might work for me.

      H. ❀

      • how fabulous, thank you, I am honoured to have so much of my work featured on your beautiful blog! I am an avid follower and it will be a real thrill to come upon my own work every now and again, so dont feel obliged to send me links all the time, I am sure you are busy enough as it is πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Liz, wow I see your conversation with Hariod continues!
    I’m just here to say I really like these pics and one in particular: Prayer flags Namobudda Nepal. I’d like to use it for a post in my blog sometime soon, with link and attribution to you here. Would it be allright?

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