11 thoughts on “himalayas

    • thanks Jeff, first is now sold, those first two are views from Namobuddha, a small village on the eastern edge of the rim of the kathmandu valley, where an incarnation of Buddha was suuposed to have given up his flesh for a starving tiger and her cubs. Theres a huge modern buddhist temple and a tiny ancient shrine and fabulous views. The third and fourth are separate views of different sections of the Annapurna range from two different lakes , one in Pokhara, one called Begnas Tal where I did a 100 day silent Vipassana retreat. The fifth is one of about 20 pieces I made on the theme of prayer flags. The last is a collage, using pieces of actual prayer flags and powdered mineral pigment, called ‘ ritual and sacrifice’ which is a response to the many hindu temples I saw and especially the large pilgrimage site at Manacamina .
      Thanks again 🙂

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