7 thoughts on “way down

  1. Oh, it’s great to see the development of this collection Liz. Will you retain it/them as a quadriptych or sell the four pieces individually do you think? Do you see it solely as a vertical group or equally as a horizontal one may I ask?

    • just pondering all these questions at the moment Hariod, have briefly offered them for sale at £90 or 110 euro each for anyone from Uk or Ireland keen enough to jump in right away. But I expect that I will work on them individually a bit tomorrow. Then leave them while I am away today. Often it is jumping in too fast that can be my downfall, so I am glad that my lovely new panels ( including 4 @ 80cm sq which is the biggest Ive had so far!) have arrived to distract me. Have taped the edges and primed the first 2 with their first coat of gesso, hoping to do some more work in the mood of ‘ curve’
      However, to get back to your question, they might end up in singles or maybe pairs, suitable for hanging seoarately or together

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