beetroot soup and other colours





My studio this morning and a diversion into the culinary arts!

Beetroot soup heralds the changing seasons for me. Pulling the magenta globes from the cold soil, twisting off the crinkly green and purple tops, the deep marroon of the cooking water, the use of the top of the range for the first time this year.

A frustrating morning in the studio. Managed to put a hole through a canvas I was hoping to reuse. Cleaned out the sink and rescued about 15 solidifying paint brushes. Threw away several unsalvageble ones

Will eat the soup and return to the fray with renewed vigour

9 thoughts on “beetroot soup and other colours

  1. I Popped over from Hariod’s lovely post which featured within it your lovely works of art. I am smiling here at your comment to Hariod, We make a Beetroot smoothie to drink most mornings with apple juice, so fully understand the colour of pink! šŸ™‚

    Sorry you holed a canvas.. But sounds as if your salvage skills are working….

    Loved looking through your artwork..

    Many thanks for sharing.. Sue

    • thanks Sue. My beetroot soup recipe came from a lovely woman who I knew from a pottery class she ran at her home in North Wales. She used to have a group of potters over for lunch regularly in the winter. The soup is simple , just garlic, cooked beetroot and half the water they were cooked in, a little stock, a cup of orange juice and loads of black pepper.b I also sometimes add a little cayenne. Liquidised and served with loads of greek yogurt!

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