Some more texture and colour layers on the two new panels
each 110cm x 80cm

Very wild and windy today, had to keep leaving the srudio because the stove was smoking



Starting to bring out the shapes with small lines and dribbles and scratches revealed wirh orange peel solvent



Detail close up shots, one from each panel

7 thoughts on “emerging

  1. yes, that figures! thanks for visiting:) Im hoping to get some more done on these today and tomorrow before we’re swamped with lovely familyChristmas visitors. Wishing you, and everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2015 :)♥

  2. Fascinating! I’m really enjoying watching these two panels emerge. Can’t wait to see the final versions. Thanks for sharing them.

    • thank you Melissa. They still have a bit of a way to go yet. I might change the stone shapes yet, especially the one coming in from the side as Im not sure its quite right. Or I might add a second shape to balance it. Anyway, probably not much more work on them now over Christmas, tho I did do some this moening, you could see post from just now. b Thanks again and Happy Christmas 🙂

  3. I have never worked with encaustics. I have watched “demonstrations” on commercial channels but the presenters just made “neat” smeary things. These, however, are sensuous, diaphanous, mysterious. It’s as if you are pulling the story out of them as if reaching into of vat honeyed cream. Wonderful.

    • thanks very much, what a lovely comment, I really appreciate the idea of drawing out a story! I suppose that is what I am trying to do, to connect somehow with the story of the community that lived at Ceide Fields 5 thousand years ago. The stones are the only remaining remnant of their lives, like an epitaph. The stones seemed to speak to me and through paint I am trying to find out what they are saying 🙂

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