second session light fading

Couldn’t resist going back into the studio for a bit more tinkering with the 2 stones panels
But the light wasn’t really good enough
Having a battle between realising the clear shapes or having the shapes suggest themselves as they loom out of the murk
So they keep coming and going away again



details :



and the small panels for Portugal are yellow now


9 thoughts on “second session light fading

  1. I really admire your energy, focus, determination in working on a series and deep creativity in your art. I did this one year and did a lot of inner work on the symbol of the owl and wise woman in my own work. it was intense and amazing. I love series works. Blessed 2015. Joy

  2. Not being a painter myself, I always marvel at the shapes and colors evolving on the canvas. Both my first husband and now my daughter (also his daughter) are talented painters and I enjoy their art in a very different way than I enjoy my own art (photography, writing).

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