The Lojong Sketchbook: My Practice

appropriately, ‘ starting back at the beginning’ the first in a series of posts about her ‘lojong practice’ Zenkatwrite’s blog. Thanks Kate

Zenkatwrites's Blog

I am using Weeping Buddha and the lojong sayings and commentary from Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness by Chogyam Trungpa as a study, together.
I’ve been practicing
tonglen for over two decades, and it is my main practice.
This is the first installment.  To read the entire summary of posts go here.

W14 7 24 WEEPING BUDDHA 300dpiStarting back at the beginning.
Beginner’s mind.

There is a difference in studying and reading, and a difference in taking on a teaching as your practice.  I read two lojong books before I decided this was going to be my practice.  It sang to me.  I was a bodhisattva with my foot on the path but other than sit meditation, had not formal practice, and so, stood on the sidelines gleaming what I could.  I took to zen to develop a basic sanity, now I wanted to cultivate compassion.

As I have always done when learning…

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