11 thoughts on “working it out

      • yep, have to leave it alone and come back to it, one of the reasons I share so many process / progress pics here and elsewhere on line ( facebook, twitter, instagram etc) is that it helps me to be more objective, and slows me down a bit, well maybe!

      • It’s interesting, isn’t it, that in focusing on something really intensely for a prolonged period we lose the ability to appraise it evenly? I think perhaps there’s something here to do with the balance of mindfulness and concentration (to put it into meditative terms). If we’re too mindful, we absorb into the thing, so to speak; so we need to back off and gain balance with the concentration that holds the thing in our field of attention. You’re tired – I’m prattling – apologies! H ❤

      • I think that very focussed stage in painting is actually the time when I’m most ‘present’. It is the best of times. The most creative and fullest of moments. The stepping back from the work and into the world is necessary indeed, but its partly also a conflicted and delusional phase. I have to assess the work from an external viewpoint, to see it in perhaps commercial terms. The contradiction between the absorption and heartfelt creative phase, the ‘flow’ time if you like, and the analytical judgemental phase is what makes it tiring. I think if I could just paint and not be concerned about the ‘fit’ of the piece with a potential audience or indeed buyer, I would never tire of it.
        Now look who’s prattling! 🙂

      • I think I recognise what you’re saying from my experiences with writing Liz. Actually, there you need to become three participants in effect: the creative one, the imaginary reader, and the grammarian/editor/proofer.

        Karen Robinson is here! Hello dear Karen!

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