a hole in a wall aka studio extension








two weeks into my studio extension project

good progress on a sunny day

lovely to celebrate with a cup of tea sitting in the sun on a red fish box
under what will soon be a big west facing window

happy St Patricks on Tuesday to everyone

9 thoughts on “a hole in a wall aka studio extension

  1. Looks like an exciting project, look forward to following the progress! Any red doors or other red details planned on the extension? Seems I can’t forget your red doors… Good luck, can imagine it’s a hassle, but well worth it!

    • yes, thanks, 2 new windows, which will be white when installed, but will soon be the same blood red as all the rest, all due for a repaint, either this year or next as budget allows! thanks for your comment 🙂 & actually its more excitement than hassle, so lucky to live here and be able to do this 🙂

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