6 namaste paintings ( 3 mostly red, 3 mostly gold) finished now with edges waxed
shown here in my newly plastered but as yet unpainted studio
must say I rather like the rough grey cement





I am selling these now for 450 US $, or 400 euro or £300 each 40cm sq piece, with a good reduction if you buy more than one
price includes postage to anywhere in the world
you can send me a message here or email me liz-doyle@live.com

8 thoughts on “edges

    • mesmerizing is good, thanks 🙂 its been strange for me how my work has changed recently, largely because of a strong empathy for the people of Nepal after the terrible earthquake there, its as if all my memories of the place and the people have been heightened somehow, with a strong focus on colour and a sudden urge to use gold, which is rare for me. All those buddhas and gold ornaments buried along with lives and hopes and dreams

      • I resonate with what you’re saying. I know a good number of Nepali families here where I live and I see the way the earthquake has impacted them. I love what is emerging in your work, it is beautiful and fresh!

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