3rd diptych – rock in the sea


In progress ‘rock in the sea 3’
100 x 200cm – as I left it just now


Stage 2 of rock on the sea 3


Stage 1 of rock in the sea 3 – marked out the rick in graphite stick and oil and cold wax medium ( before covering over completely – first in red then turquoise)

7 thoughts on “3rd diptych – rock in the sea

    • Thanks – a risky business posting progress shots – cos sometimes they just end up as mud – but I still post them too! It’s a good discipline and it gives me another viewpoint seeing the stages on the small screen – intensified but also unforgiving 🙂

      • Yes! I understand that haha. So fun to see how things change through the process. Sometimes if I’m struggling i will take a picture and look at it that way for a while. And that will bring out things i hadn’t noticed before.

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