rock in the sea (blue)



9 thoughts on “rock in the sea (blue)

  1. Being a dweller of the suburbs of a large city, I immediately thought of how the skyline looks as I look out the window of the commuter train. And then I read your title. And then I thought about what connection there is between these two ideas of the same image, if any. Now, this is what I call a great art experience – looking and enjoying what I see, and then thinking about the interpretations. Thank you.

    • I like that duality too – this is one of the most rural locations – looking out into the Atlantic from an island off the North West Coast of Ireland – and yet even while I was painting it I could see patterns relating to skyscrapers on a city skyline 🙂 the joys of abstraction – all within the viewer’s perceptions 🙂

  2. This painting, ‘Rock in the sea 1’ and it’s sister, ‘Rock in the sea 2’ are available through the Doorway Gallery Dublin
    To find it go to menu, artists, liz doyle, available works
    If you buy more than one piece Denise will do a good discount (and they don’t all have to be mine!) And there’s free shipping for works over €500 within Europe!

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