journey inward

These are the 4 stages of my most recent largish canvas
It is on coarse unstretched (and creased badly from being in my suitcase) jute canvas about 4′ x 3′


This was actually the second session, I forgot to take a photo of when it was all red and yellow, with a bit of turquoise,  stapled to the floor on Saturday morning


Sunday, more sombre with shapes consolidating


Early Monday morning – loads of alizarin crimson overlaid on the lower half and a mess in the middle and a scatty unresolved indecisive upper third


Maybe we’re getting somewhere

4 thoughts on “journey inward

  1. You are really putting your heart and soul into these. How generous of you to share your process. Brilliant paintings. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Kathryn. Winding down now as there has to be time left for all the work to dry before I leave here Fri 6th. But enjoying playing with a few last pieces on Arches paper. So there might still be one or two more blog posts! Then a week with my family in a cottage in Pembrokeshire to celebrate my 60th. Woohoo! 🙂

  2. it is intriguing to see the stages of your work .. clearly the layering is the key .. and your use of colour ..scratching through gives a textural edge .. they could be four complete paintings ..but they are one … magic

    • Thanks Marion. Yes the layering is the magic – made possible by mixing cold wax medium (beeswax and solvent in a product made by Gamblin) with the oil paint. Transparent oil colours work best. Also the addition of powder pigment and/or pan pastels

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