donegal clouds


Last piece of coarse jute off the roll
120cm x 190cm


May sky


Using a brush to block in the shapes



Maybe done

Footnote: I was given a fabulous book on #RichardDiebenkorn for my 60th birthday. I am enthralled by his famous shifts from abstraction to figuration and back again, and am particularly drawn to his paintings with human and animal forms ambiguously appearing within his landscapes.
The curvaceous shapes in these clouds seemed to appear initially by their own volition, but of course I then exaggerated them. Maybe also with Matisse in mind. And someone said maybe a nod to Magritte too! Haha! Good company šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “donegal clouds

  1. Its great to see your process. Interesting that you used jute that is not on a frame, I guess with the priming it is stiff enough. I have ready stretched jute canvases which I prime but like the idea of getting roll had not occurred to me.

    • Yes it’s great having the freedom that comes with a roll. I staple the pieces straight into the wooden wall of my studio, then prime with gesso. Have to be sure to pull off the wall before fully dry as the paint seeps through and sticks the canvas to the wall. If I was more organization I would take it down after priming has nearly dried, then re staple to the wall before painting so it’s less likely to stick so firmly

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