The title ‘stateside’ really has nothing to do with these 2 paintings. It’s just that I have an exciting trip planned to San Francisco and New York for the end of the month. The excitement is boosting my energy levels so I am painting rather furiously. Also, I have Richard Diebenkorn on my mind as I will be staying in Berkeley and will try to see as many of his paintings as I can


Untitled 1
120cm sq on canvas


Untitled 2
120cm sq on canvas


Drying in my studio

7 thoughts on “stateside

    • Thanks. Their final coat was painted with an element of frustration. I had been working on some smaller, tighter pieces that weren’t working! And I decided these large pieces were strong enough to let me a) use black which is unusual for me and b) work very loosely and quickly and intuitively.

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