9 thoughts on “New York in pictures

    • Had a really incredible adventure – 9 days in San Francisco and 5 days in New York – home now – lovely and fresh and green back here in Donegal, but a wee bit chilly in comparison to the near tropical heat in New York! Thanks 🙂

      • I was married to a former New Yorker (RIP) and after one wedding in July told the whole family that I’d never set foot in NYC from July-August so nobody better die or get married at that time…. I had ot wear a damn silk dress. Showered, put on a slip (NYCers recommended) and walked out side and looked like I’d stepped out of the shower! Wet dog….

      • Oh dear! Yes it was hot and sweaty – tropical sticky heat. And I walked miles. I was in Venice in August , swore never again – hit and packed and smelly 🙂

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