Blood and concrete

These are ‘Blood and Concrete ‘ 1 & 2

Each piece 100 x 80cm on canvas plus frame.

They were exhibited last month at Green Fuse Gallery in Westport, County Mayo.

I have submitted them to ‘Cairde Visual’ at the Model, in Sligo for their annual juried Summer show as part of Cairde Festival. I should hear soon if they have been selected. Fingers crossed!

These pieces developed out of my response to images of destruction in Aleppo, Syria. However, I don’t see them as sad paintings, but abstract images in their own right. It’s up to the viewer to make their own interpretation. I would be interested to hear from anyone if they have a particular reaction. Thanks

5 thoughts on “Blood and concrete

  1. I see the scratched marks of hope in these with overtones of cave painting. The texture (on my computer at least) compresses and contains time and a smouldering tension; their character changes against the blue/grey wall, somehow upsetting the knife-edge balance.
    Great work!

    • Thanks very much Scottie. I am delighted that you picked up on ‘smouldering tension’. That’s certainly something like what I was feeling and aiming for. I’m also very interested in what you say about their character changing with the background. I am all in favour of these pieces having the power to ‘upset….the balance’!

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