4 thoughts on “split!

    • Yes, scraped! First base coat, orange/red, then a thick layer of black with some green, all oil and cold wax medium. Then marks made with my squeegee through the top layer, revealing the bright orange base coat!

    • Thanks so much Kate
      These two are with my framer now and will be stretched and framed in black, so that when the top edges are level, the two halves of the bowl line up; quite a feat! But I am sure Seamus will make a great job of them!
      Yes, I am warming up to an even bigger series I think. The blue one with 3 vessels has gone to a lawyer South of New York, he also saw something similar in the series I think. I’m away from home and studio till mid January, but meanwhile my mind is busy processing ideas, which of course may come to nothing once on canvas – we’ll just have to wait and see. Lx

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