5 thoughts on “welsh sketches

  1. I am so taken with both the photos and the paintings. They look endless (the views in the paintings) and yet I understand they are small in size. How you do that, I don’t know, but I love the feeling of no limits.

    • The view on the beach indeed felt infinite, with the reflections! I think the sketches mostly catch a bit of that because of the lack of symmetrical edges. Its always a quandary for me, how to keep hold of that openness – an unstretched piece of canvas, with rough painted edges, or a piece of paper, painted with uneven, tapering or even torn edges, has so much space and distance. But how to present it? Framing/stretching/mounting – whatever – boxes it in and you lose that infinity! *sigh*
      Thanks Claudia

      • Yes, I am thinking about it now that you have highlighted it. Framing does just that – frames and sets boundaries. Where in reality there are none. Neat and orderly, frames are, but not representative of the whole. I guess that is the point, that the artwork is just part of a whole? But what if infinity is the point? I am enjoying thinking about this.

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