aaargh acrylics!

Trying to get a painterly, layered, rich, unfussy, not too ‘overworked looking’ effect with acrylics. Using a gloss gel medium. Applying with a squeegee. Layering by transferring onto and from baking paper. Very frustrating. Looking forward to getting back to my oils and cold wax medium in my studio at home!

Some images from an A2 (60x40cm) cartridge pad, and an A4 (40x30cm) brown card sketchbook

5 thoughts on “aaargh acrylics!

    • Thanks Eileen. With oil and cold wax medium I would do that many times creating many transparent layers. The acrylics aren’t nearly as versatile, well not with my novice handling anyway. However, I do like the strong contrast between the red and the earlier layers underneath

  1. I love the red. Period. I’m all about color. The contrast is bold and it just is.

    Your work, is always inspiring to me. Sounds like you didn’t enjoy the process as with your oils and wax. You still blow me away.

    Thanks for sharing!

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