6 thoughts on “jug and bowl

    • Thanks. I wonder, is it really still life? There is no molding of form, or light and shade, or really substantiality to the vessels. They are all rather insubstantial, and intentionally so! Sort if floating on the picture plane, in front of the abstract work behind, or scratched into the surface of the abstract work, or even both at once. I suppose I want the viewer to ask just those questions: is it abstract? Is it form? Is it a representational piece? What does it relate to? How is the vessel placed? And of course I don’t want there to be answers to those questions. And anyway, fundamentally its just PAINT!!

  1. Lot’s of questions about ways of seeing. I was just going by the title but what I really love about your paintings are the layers of colour that go beyond form and lead you to wander into their depths.

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