a Sunday in July, midday in a heatwave

‘caravan beach’ fills with campers and tents


sultry as summer in the south of France

Donegal unused to this weather


pull down black blinds to the South

open all windows North


dogs pant on the slate floor in the hall

fill water bowls almost hourly


solar panels reach maximum

fill a bath for watering later


so glad of the breeze from the sea

lifting the heavy geranium heads


swifts on the red endangered list

guillemots declining steeply


neighbour’s wayward cat has returned

the Times warns of two thousand extra deaths



3 thoughts on “Heatwave

    • Terrifying, but we still go on day by day
      I have to write (and paint) or I would give in to despair
      I have to distract myself from constantly worrying about what future there is for my four beautiful young grandchildren

      • I also continue else I’d go mad with, yes, despair and terror. The ones who can learn to breathe in extreme heat will survive. And continue to fill the world all over again.

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