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delighted to have my work featured on a new page on facebook, thanks!


this is a page promoting the new websites
IrishArtists.com and BritishArtists.com
both of which will showcase and sell my paintings


one of a pair soon to go

one of a pair soon to go

2 paintings 80cm square
these have served me well over the last 2 years
there were 10 in the series
2 orange, 2 orange and blue (these ones)
2 blue, 2 green
2 pink and turquoise

they were inspired by the spiky sharp marram grass
that curves over the sandy paths round the shore

the orange ones are in Birmingham, England
a present for a 60th birthday

a blue one hangs in a cafe in Dundrum, County Down in Northern Ireland

a green one has gone to a friends holiday cottage

a pink and turquoise one was sold this summer, off to an unknown destination

they have served me well, featuring in 4 group shows

one of these two will be chosen to go to a new home tomorrow
good friends, heading off to their new separate homes2