raw frustration

raw frustration 2 raw frustration 1 raw frustration 3

3 rough-edged pieces of raw unprimed canvas

mounted and painted on commercial canvas

then removed from the mounts

swirls and shapes and angry colours

painted with ferocious energy

now hang limply over a rail

what next?

each piece is about 70cm squarish, originally mounted on 80cm sq canvas

I could re stretch and remount

I could paint over them

I could burn them

any thoughts?

10 thoughts on “raw frustration

    • thanks Anthea, I probably will re mount them somehow, I’m following up some suggestions from other artists as to the ‘how’ ! I painted these really quickly, without stretching, and they buckled on the mount canvas, so I ripped them off and re-used the canvas mounts. I think I might have to dip them in some sort of clear liquid, mayvbe even water, but thats a bit scary, then stretch them and stick them onto mdf of similar

  1. Liz, as I look at your work, I see a shifting state of environmental and emotional integration. I would love to see this as a long piece –evolving from beginning to end with other works that chronicle both the shifting environmental and personal responses in tandem.
    For example, the angry piece in a sliding scale to serence,,,corresponding to a change in the weather, a change in your “weather” A long piece of many of these paintings –gallery worthy. Maybe this could be a direction — several of these long canvases of added works –to demarquate the movement in human sensation and feeling and how it connects to the raw environment. That demonstrates a connection between us and our planet –makes sense of our internal movements, translated through the physicality of the painting process..

    maybe there is something useful here for you..

    • thank you Deb
      I’m going out for a walk in the wind and the rain now to ponder that creative suggestion. I can’t tell you how much I value your serious and thoughtful input here
      best wishes

      • its seems to clear to me –the connection between you and your inner life and the raw environment you live in. I grew up on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Canada—where the magical and terrible elements of the lake and wilderness breathed into my bones a sense of myself as the environment. I see the same thing in you.

        In my work, the fluidity is somehow connected to the watery world that bore me through into my adult years. And we cannot escape our essential influences –and the energetic effects of the world around us. We are biased creatures from beginning to end. As artists we need to embrace that bias by acknowledging it and responding to it. I think the source of your inspiration–the landscape and ocean, and how the air movements integrate with the environment is a powerful muse–and is reflected within you (us). That is why i see your works –glued to a long board or canvas in succession as a parallel to our own inner movements. As I contemplate my daily traverses–i see myself shifting like weather, my inner thoughts like rocks and stones , green leaves, and flowers, and my deep inner self as the ocean –with its movement patterns and inhabitants. The ocean is really the ether made visible.
        In this way, I feel in you a kindred spirit –and though it may be presumptuous to say it–i feel i understand you through your environment and work.

        I love the passion and freedom with which you express this sensibility.


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