time for red

Bought some new paints today as I have completely run out
Had to buy locally where there isn’t much choice
They only had red, yellow blue and white in big tubes, so I got all three
Realized that I don’t use red much, or not recently anyway
Is that something to do with mood?
Anyway, here are some red works from a few months ago






raw frustration

raw frustration 2 raw frustration 1 raw frustration 3

3 rough-edged pieces of raw unprimed canvas

mounted and painted on commercial canvas

then removed from the mounts

swirls and shapes and angry colours

painted with ferocious energy

now hang limply over a rail

what next?

each piece is about 70cm squarish, originally mounted on 80cm sq canvas

I could re stretch and remount

I could paint over them

I could burn them

any thoughts?