wax on wood




New work in cold wax and oil on beautiful cradled wooden panels made by Milliken Bros.
Abstract with no starting point or theme at the outset.
However, the works are beginning to talk to me about land and territory, borders and trade routes.
Maybe because I live in the Republic of Ireland, close to the border with Northern Ireland. Maybe because I have just visited the Eastern Algarve in Portugal, close to the Spanish border. Maybe because the shapes emerging remind me of coastal contours with trade routes across the sea. Read what you like

13 thoughts on “wax on wood

  1. yes, I think so, I can be stronger in gesture and marks. With canvas I have recently made holes with a palette knife when wielding it too enthusiastically. Also, with cold wax medium, I am using a roller a lot, which I rarely use on canvas

  2. I read: passive, soft, loving, and a moment of meeting. Though it’s a feeling rather than a reading. Nonsense to say this, but a mark of appreciation in any case.

  3. Like Hariod Brawn (fellow commenter) I too see love – between two people, and language. Conversation, between them but only known to them. We, the ‘on-lookers’ have no need of knowing exactly what they’re saying to each other, but we are allowed to see the depth of the true love shared by them and the ‘view’ into their world leads me to think that these two people have ‘belonged’ and will belong to each other from time began, into the forever which is eternity.

    It touches me deeply. So deeply that it brings on an emotion of wanting to cry at the beauty of it.

    • thank you so much for your beautiful comment, I appreciate it very much πŸ™‚ Love makes the world go round, so they say. For me, these paintings come from a love for the land, for wild places, for the coast, for footpaths through wilderness, for rights of way that people have travelled since before history was recorded, for territorial markers and. symbols….

      • Maybe what I’m ‘feeling’ from viewing the painting is the love of the land, and the land loving us in return. Whatever the magic is, I love it, both to look at and for the feeling it conveys. Great art from a Great Artist.

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