baring my soul and sharing my process

going to take a risk here and share these works day by day, however bad they get

started this evening with 3 layers of oil and cold wax on 2 canvases each 100 x 80cm

first layer mostly lemon yellow and cadmium yellow with a bit of orange, second layer mostly alizarin red with some magenta, third layer a greenish grey ( paynes grey, lemon yellow, sap green and left over pallette scrapings with some white). All with about a third cold wax medium

I had to work on the table in the utility room because its too cold out in the studio, so it was a bit cramped

the wax was a bit stiff, so added a small bit of vegetable oil, hope that isnt a disaster, as I suppose it might not set properly!



6 thoughts on “baring my soul and sharing my process

    • thanks very much AnnMarie. Actually its quite a selfish act for me, although it is scary, I get many advantages from sharing my process. It helps me stand back and view the work from a distance, it helps me see more objectively, it helps to give me a sense of being part of an artistic community,mm it reduces the isolation that can sometimes be the downside of living in a beautiful, but remote part of the world. Thanks for your interest and support ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I just toured your blog again – to view your exquisite home. I see where you draw inspiration from, but I also understand the feeling of “isolation” at times. Your art reflects the beauty, sensibility and raw emotion of your home. Your tools show the dedication you give to your craft. I’m inspired by your passion…
        So, I again thank you for sharing. Here’s to your art keeping you company when the isle feels a bit lonely ๐Ÿ™‚
        Have a wondrous week of painting…

      • thanks again, have just had a brilliant 2 hours clearing out, bonfire, reorganising, moving a table in upstairs, making ready for bigger works in the pipeline. will be selling off some old small spray painted graffiti- like works, see my facebook page for photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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