mounting the stones

between clearing my studio rubbish ( well actually Malachy is doing that, thank you ♥) and actually painting, I have been thinking about how I am going to display all this new work. Many of the new Ceide Fields Stones series paintings are very textured and would benefit from NOT being distanced behind glass. So I think I am goung to mount them on panels. There are 15 that Ibwant to do this way, so I might need a mortgage!
The small 6 x 8″ maplike pieces are on paper and have rather irregular edges,mm so I think they will have to be behind glass, but I am hoping to work out a simple design that doesnt overwhelm them

Here are 4 of the ones that I definitely think should be on panels





6 thoughts on “mounting the stones

  1. I do love these Liz, especially the last one with the two yellow circles, very ethereal yet of the earth! I don’t have your email but was wondering if you’d be interested in joining in a ‘Blog Hop’ – a worldwide blogging event in which invited artists post answers to 4 questions about their work and processes? If you are, please email me on for more details.
    Yours would need to be posted on 12th December, and I’ll understand if you’re not able at this time of year. 🙂

    • thanks so much Joy, I think collecting pebbles on the beach or wherever seems to have a universally relaxing appeal. These stones paintings, and loads more, are part of a series that have grown out of my recent visit to Ceide Fields in North Mayo ,Ireland, where about 50 miles of 5 thousand year old field boundary walls have been discovered beneath the peat bog

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