stones (2 canvases 100 x 80 ) stage 3


the stones are slowly revealing themselves through the mists of time and layers wax

today I have first made some transfers of field patterns onto the touch dry surface from last nights painting. The transfer prep is like alchemy to me, mix a paste of powder pigment and nail varnish remover (!)  paint the mixture onto a sheet of tracing paper ( I dont have any, so used a thin transparent shiny paper) it dries really quickly. draw through from the back so that the marks made transfer onto the canvas.

I then rolled, transferred and squeegeed 3 or 4 different areas with 2 different greyish colours of paint and wax, then rolled and squeegeed smooth. Incidentally covering over much of the field pattern drawing in the process

With solvent revealed some more of the stone shapes that wanted to appear, blotted off with tissue. Roughly scraped and scored around and about the shapes at different angles and depths

Thinking about the community that lived in the Ceide Fields. How did they work the stones with no metal tools? They had fire to roast their cattle, what was their relationship with fire, with their animals? With the stones?



6 thoughts on “stones (2 canvases 100 x 80 ) stage 3

    • thanks, yes, I hope so, still wet, will be looking to exhibit in 2015. Have a solo show booked for Teach Ban in Drumcliffe, Sligo for 3 weeks at Easter, but these large canvases could do with a larger space, so will be submitting to galleries when Im sure they are ready

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