Landmarks series

I have just finished these 3


On the ‘drying wall’ in my studio
The stark light patches are both disrupting and essential ingredients in my studio life! I have an ambiguous love affair with skylights


Landmark 1 / the path
120 x 80cm



Details from Landmark 1/ the path


Landmark 2 / shadows
60cm sq



Details from Landmark 2/ shadows


Landmark 3 / lightshaft
80cm sq



Details from Landmark 3 / lightshaft

1.In November 2014 I visited Ceide Fields – a neolithic site in North Mayo where they have discovered 52 miles of stone boundary walls from a farming settlement over 5000 years old. 
2. This year I am lucky enough to be heading to San Francisco and New York to visit some major art galleries exibiting the works of the American Abstract Expressionists and I am particularly looking forward to seeing some of Richard Diebenkorn’s paintings in ‘the flesh’

I have come to realise  recently how much it helps me to know something about the history or interests of an artist in order to more fully appreciate their work. That’s not to undermine in any way the importance of the solely visual impact. And I definitely don’t like the verbiage and arts peak that goes into many ‘artists statements’. I’m searching for a middle ground and would welcome comments

6 thoughts on “Landmarks series

  1. I imagine that what you express with your art can’t be perfectly described in written words. Fortunately you have a wide “vocabulary” of brushstroke, mark, color, scratch, darkness and light. I found your art first, and through it was drawn to the blog. I would describe your work as both dramatic and delicate– recklessly beautiful. The work definitely seems tied to the land that surrounds you, but is not limited to that. As always, thank you!

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