3 thoughts on “late november

    • Thanks Claudia
      It’s one of the amazing wonders that you are experiencing the bright blues and yellow while we are having our short, grey (but still stunningly beautiful) days
      I was particularly thinking yesterday about what a small arc the sun crosses at this time of year here. We think of the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. But driving out yesterday mid morning and back home mid afternoon, into the blinding low sun – it was amazing how close the angle was. Maybe South East and South West
      For millenia people would have noticed that and marked it, with ritual and standing stones etc. Now we only notice because of the difficulty of driving into it. Haha

      • Funny you say that about the sun but this year I’ve particularly noticed the same thing with the angle. The sun uses so much less of the sky. I think we may have more hours of light than you and that affects the trees still having some yellow leaves, and we can get bright blue days. But the rainy days are very dim, not like summer! There is so much to observe. And I love seeing your world through your paintings.

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